Frequently asked questions

You can modify your arrival or departure dates but charges may be applied according to the cancellation policy.
The cancellation poliy is Non Refundable. If you cancel or don’t show up the property will charge 100%
No, you do not need to print your booking confirmation letter. Here at The Hipstel we are trying to create an enviroment-caring society. The change is up to us! The earth will thank you and so will we. But please take with you the confirmation letter you receive in your email address.
Check the property reception hours as nota ll the properties have 24 hours reception.
You can but there is an extra charge and with previous notification. Check before with our staff to see the conditions and availability for a late check-out.
Yes, there is! We have a luggage room where you can storage your stuff until your room is ready and, in the day of check out, you can use it again to storage your stuff until you leave Barcelona.
Yes, they are! We know that some guests feel more comfortable sharing facilities with their own gender and that is why here at The Hipstel hostels we offer mixed dorms and male and female bathrooms and showers.
No, you don´t need to! Bed sheets are included in the price and towels can be rented with extra charge in our hostels.
You can choose your room type! This means that you can decide if you are going to share your sleep with men and women or just women (if you are a woman, of course ;)). Once in the room, our staff will show you which bed options you have (upper or lower bunk bed) and you can take the one that suits better for you.
Yes, you will! We have a common kitchen open during the day only. There are fridges where you can storage your stuff and, if you don´t feel like cooking, you can always join us in our dinners, which are made with love for travelers that wants to save and share!
No, pets are not allowed. Even though we love animals, the cleanliness of the hostel is vital to preserve a healthy and cozy atmosphere.
Yes, you can! If you need to book a taxi to the airport, a ticket to see a football match of our pearl, the FC Barcelona or just sightseeing our multi-cultural city through the Panoramic Bus (Highly recommended for a short-term stay) you can ask information and get the tickets at the reception of The Hipstel. No service charge!
No, we have no curfew! We know that Barcelona is well known for its lively nightlife and that is why we expect you to have flexible time to get in and out. Just take note that the reception service may not be available during the night in some of our properties in case you need something from our staff.
Yes, there is. Children (under 16 years old) are not allowed, travelers from 16 to 18 years old need an authorization from their families and people over 50 years old are not suitable for our kind of hostels. This is not an actual “restriction” but a way to avoid an uncomfortable situation for guests and hostel management. For the private apartments we are more flexible as you will be renting a private area.
There are big chances! Our receptionists and cleaning staff can speak Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, German and Portuguese!
Yes it is if you are an European citizen. If you are not, you will be requested to show us a passport or another valid ID.
No, you are not obligated. However, in order to provide you with a very useful service, email addresses are requested to send you basic information about us (promotions and offers), about your booking (details of payment and invoicing) and about the city (tips for a pleasant stay).